One of our most distinctive designers who is exclusive to us in Australia, is Kedem Sasson.

Kedem Sasson is one of the major players in the Israel fashion Industry.
His Innovative use of fabrics to create unexpected shapes has definitely earned him a reputation as one of the elite.

He uses an abundance of rich textured fabrics that enable him to construct unique shapes and forms that compliment the body in flattering yet distinctive way.
With his Japanese inspired clothing Kedem was able to change public opinion on the notion of plus sized clothing. People became to realise they do not need to hide in their clothes but rather their clothes can be a tool of expression and they too can enjoy innovative fashion.

Part of the genius behind the Kedem brand is that it is not strictly for plus size women. His genius one size range fit, is adored by all shapes and sizes.

Kedem Sasson never ceases to bring something fresh to the table. He has a fine balance between art and commercial appeal.”

His beautifully artistic clothing has been embraced by many of our Australia wide clients who have became loyal wearers and advocates of his timeless pieces.


Feature Collection - Kedem Sasson


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