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Client comments

I have been shopping at Vis-à-Vis Boutique for over ten years. Eva, Helen and Ruth give the service you would expect. Their perceptiveness of fashion coordinates is fabulous. The garment styles are unique and timeless. The quality is amazing, I still wear many of the pieces I first purchased.

Jane P 10/2012

"At Vis a Vis I’m treated as an important member of the imaginatively stylish tribe because Vis a Vis is just that – imaginatively stylish!

Helen can always find something unique for me.  She  knows  the way I think: that if everyone is wearing it, then it’s not for me. I love Vis a Vis!"

Olwyn G 11/2012

Finally a boutique with fabulous designer clothing that I can TRY on!!
Superb cut and wonderful fabrics in a range of sizes to suit all figure types.
I just adore my jacket from Italy, my dress from Denmark, my shirt from Breathless….I won’t go on.
Thanks you Eva and Helen.

Maree R 11/2012

The Vis A Vis women are just a delight.  They understand my style and they make helpful suggestions but they never push me. I really have fun shopping there - I'll wander in a bit down in the mouth and Helen will cheer me up.  I have more Vis A Vis in my wardrobe than anything else - and the shoes!!

Suzy N 11/2012

Dear Helen, Eva and all the Present and Future Shoppers of Visa Vis Boutique, I have had the pleasure of shopping at this wonderful boutique for many many years, and never have been able to find an equal. It may not be the cheapest boutique but it is the best in quality, and selection therefore ultimately it is value for money for unique pieces of clothing, an art form.

The service is like no other and is very personal taking into account the Individual. Showing great patience, Helen has no equal. I can only say that it is a wonderful shop full of wonderful creations for every occasion. 

Suellyn M 12/2012

In years gone by, one had to go to New York or Paris for beautiful clothes.  Not any more.......
Vis-a-Vis has the most beautiful, unique and amazing range and collection of fashion from around the world many of which are unique to Vis-a-Vis in Australia.  The quality of the pieces are exceptional.  I have over the years found designer clothing to be poorly made an finished off, so it is such a treat to find beautiful clothes which have been exceptionally made and also in such beautiful fabrics from countries including Israel, Croatia and Germany. Of course what makes the experience at Vis-a-Vis so special is Eva, Helen and Ruth.  Over the years I have immensely appreciated and enjoyed their genuine warmth, honesty, friendliness and expertise and it is such a delight and a treat to visit and always worth a special trip from Sydney just to visit and go home with a new collection of beautiful clothing and accessories.

Jennifer A 12/2012

“When I’m looking for something different, I know I will find it at Vis a Vis Boutique.  It’s the place I go to play “dress ups” and where I can be confident of finding the most beautiful, creative and unique garments.   Vis a Vis Boutique is beyond fashion – it’s pure style.....and Helen is beyond retail – she’s a brilliant Style Consultant.”    

Larrie W 12/2012


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