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Our background:

Melbourne, Australia has traditionally been regarded as the centre for taste and quality in the creative arts and design. It has long held a reputation for its excellent fashion sense. Into this environment Vis-à-Vis Boutique has developed a unique position and following.

Eva Keinan, the proprietor, was born in Morocco and then lived in Israel for many years before moving to Australia. Originally trained and practising as a Social Worker. Eva’s deep interest in fashion resulted in her moving into the retail sector of the industry, eventually owning her own shop which reflects her flair for choosing garments of the highest quality. With her management and people skills, exotic and varied background, Eva combines an intuitive and experienced eye for fashion that is both original and interesting, catering for a strong client base which is both cosmopolitan and sophisticated.

Our philosophy:

The philosophy of Vis-à-Vis Boutique is that the contemporary woman likes to feel confident about her individuality, and that she should be able to wear clothes that suit her busy life style, which may take her from the home, to the workplace and into a social context.

At Vis-à-Vis Boutique, it is recognised that every woman is different, and that regardless of her colour preferences, personal style, size or shape, designer, quality garments that really fit are available to her.

Advice about trends and suggestions about a shift in personal style are all part of the care of individual clients and a commitment to a high level of professional service.

As someone with a fuller figure, Eva has always been aware of the shortage of exciting clothing offered to people of her size. In addition to main stream sizes, her vision and commitment is to continue and provide the opportunity for the woman like herself to have unusual and creative pieces of clothing.

In Australia, the many and talented local designers are well represented, so Eva’s aim for her boutique was to introduce designers from Europe who had not previously been represented here. Several overseas buying trips a year are the avenue for sourcing a regular and varied supply of outstanding couturier pieces as well as looking for new collections from active fashion centres in Europe.

Since its establishment in 1995, Vis-à-Vis Boutique has become a prestigious and well known fashion destination in Melbourne for the quality and variety of its products and above all for its professional service and dedication of her team.

Vis-à-Vis Boutique, dedicated team is proud to have been styling and dressing thousands of satisfied, loyal Australian and overseas customers.

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